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It Takes A Village ~ Katrina Curtiss  1/19/2021

The following is a short story concerning the trials and tribulations of trying to get my 87 year old friend the COVID19 Vaccination.
It’s been so incredibly frustrating, calling everyday, trying to get registered via websites, only to be turn away. My friend has become
depressed about not being able to get vaccinated, discouraged to say the least.
Knowing this, myself and others have rallied to get him protected, here is the story with a hopefully happy ending.
There have been local issues with getting the Vaccine due to distribution issues.

It Takes A Village ~ by Katrina Curtiss  1/19/2021

I have a friend, he has been trying to get the COVID19 Vaccination, we’ve been trying for weeks to no avail.

3 of us all vying for a coveted spot to help an 87 year old veteran, to protect him from possibly getting the virus, also to allow him protection so that he is not confined to his home until further notice.

Like many of you, we’ve had no luck, it’s felt dismissive, disappointing and daunting.

This past week, a musical brother, Arte Harpman posted via Social Media some help for Veterans to get registered.

Off we all went, adding yet another phone number to our calling list.

Busy signals, “invalid phone number” ~ Registration Full ~ was met via every avenue.

My friend Jill Wilson, texted me help, suggestions, as many of you also tried, but to no avail.

Arte even went to the VA to try and get my friend registered, but was unable.

This morning, I finally got to speak to someone at the VA ~ he said they are not able to register, but did give me another number to call. (210) 949-9702

I tried calling, busy, busy, busy.

Just spoke to my 87 year Veteran friend, so we could both call.

I just got off the phone with him, he got through on his 4thtry and is now scheduled for both vaccinations.

It made me cry, so filled with relief and hope that when this is over, that I will see my friend again, that we will both make it to the other side.

Please share this phone number to your veteran friends, I don’t know if you can make an appointment for them without power of attorney, but share the number, let’s protect the most vulnerable.

Special thanks to Arte Harpman, a local musician, friend and all around great guy.

Good Luck,
Stay safe, healthy and kind, #girlwithguitar #BasuraCat and #SofiaTheWoodWhisperer

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