Farewell From My Snowman ~ Katrina Curtiss 2/20/2021

God knows that I’ve tried for years to visit you,
But was held captive when the winds blew.
Finally the winds blew the temperatures below,
And I made my way south to San Antonio.

Five days I’ve spent in your wonderful town,
Pick-up trucks and Palm trees all around.
But, alas now I must bid you adieu,
It’s been such a pleasure meeting you.

Jack Frost did some damage, he left behind,
Broken pipes, many I am sure you will find.
As I leave you now for colder weather,
You can take off your coats, your boots and your sweater.

I shall always remember the Big Texas Freeze of 2021,
When we pleased then terrorized almost everyone.
So please fix your grids, wipe away that tear,
I’ll try to come visit again, next year.

My Snowman Feb 18th 2021
My Snowman Feb 20 2021


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