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Loss Of A Friend Over A Biden Sticker 8/24/2020

My First Causality Of The Upcoming Presidential Election ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8/24/2020

While talking to an old friend, as walking past the mail, I found that I had received a sticker supporting the Democratic nominates.

Without thinking, I mentioned it to my friend, here’s what happened.

Me: “Oh, I got a free sticker from the Democratic Party.”
Friend: (silence)
Me: (waiting)
Friend: (silence)
Me: “Hello?”
Friend: (silence)
Me: “Hello, are you there?”
Friend: “I’m just trying to decide if you said that to make me mad or to show me how stupid you are…”
Me: (stunned silence)
Friend: (silence)
Me: “Did that make you mad?”
Friend: “Yes, I’m going to go…”

Now, I know that it’s always best not to discuss sex, religion or politics with people. My mention of the sticker was nothing more than my seeing it and remarking on it.
I didn’t say I was going to use it, that I agreed with it, just that it came in the mail.

I pondered; did I owe my friend an apology?

We’re old friends, so owning that perhaps I was wrong, I called to apologize for my comment, which had obviously upset her.

Me: “Hello and salute!”
Friend: (dead silence, but I could hear the radio on in the background)
Me: “Hello…”
Friend: (no response)

I am saddened that now I have first hand experience of losing a “friend” over the upcoming election.
I’m suspicious of everything I read, of videos I watch, stories being told.

I wish we could talk about the upcoming election with respect, grace and eloquence, I’m always hoping to learn something, to gather information as squirrels do acorns.

Maybe, I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, but calling someone “stupid” for his or her beliefs is hurtful.

Today’s Musing: “It’s a volatile subject, that’s why your vote is private” ~ Quote by Grace Heil, older, wiser sister of me. #girlwithguitar

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