A 4th of July Memory ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/4/2020

It was a dreary day in my neighborhood, forecast of rain daunted many a celebration. We were invited up the street to a neighbor’s backyard picnic.
I was young, adults seemed old, the food was eaten, drinks were drunk.

As it started to rain, my family of 5 scurried home, the lights went out.
My oldest sister suggested, that as candles were lit, that we
have a séance. It seemed like a good idea, fun and harmless.

We gathered in a circle, except for my mom, she sat on the couch with
her cigarette and drink, we begged her to join us. Despite our claims that
if not part of the circle, she would not be protected against the spirit world, she held her ground.

It was decided that we would call upon the spirit of the late President John F. Kennedy, exactly why, I don’t recall.

As my sister’s somber tones of, “Ohhhh, great spirits, we call upon the ghost of John F. Kennedy to join us now” filled the darkness of flickering lights, we waited.

Tiny sweaty hands joined together during a storm, on a hot and muggy July 4th, eyes closed, waiting for something magical to happen.

Suddenly the room was filled with a loud, “OHOOOHOOOOOO” it was a terrifying sound! As our young feet ran for our bedrooms, my mother, with a smile upon her face, drink in hand was finally able to enjoy some silence.

Lesson learned, Moms can make scary ghost sounds.

Happy 4th, stay healthy and happy ~ perhaps next year, we’ll spend it together ~ feel free to share your 4th of July memories. #girlwithguitar


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  1. Connie L. Calvo

    Oh wow that’s so funny! Such a cool mom!

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