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The Guitarist And The COVID19 Vaccine Conversation 3 4 2021

The Guitarist And The COVID19 Vaccine ~ Katrina Curtiss 3/4/2021

Funny the way the mind works, when getting the COVID19 Vaccine yesterday, my body decided to have a conversation with itself.

The Guitarist And The COVID 19 Vaccine ~ Katrina Curtiss 3/4/2021

My Left Arm: “So we get to get the COVID vaccine today, I vote we get it in the right arm.”

My Right Arm: “Whoa, hey there buddy, I’m the arm she uses to strum and pick with, I think she should use you.”

My Left Arm: “Naw, she uses me to make chords and notes, I’m more important.”

My Right Arm: “That’s a lie! I’m the one that she uses to make rhythm, I’ve always mattered more than you”

My Left Arm: “Hahaha, without me, all you are is a drum beat.”

My Right Arm: “Well, she has to get two separate shots, 3 weeks apart, so I’m guessing that in the end, we’ll both get it.”

My Left Arm: “Curses!”

My Right Arm: “Yes and I’ve heard that the 1stshot isn’t so bad, it’s the 2ndone that hurts the most.”

My Left Arm: “Umm, so I was just thinking that since you work so hard, that I should go first…”

(Suddenly unfamiliar voices appear)

My Legs: “Hey we have to get her there, what about us.?”

My Mouth: “Hey don’t forget to cover me!”

My Hands: “Don’t forget to wash us!!”

And on it goes…

*I got my 1st vaccination at the corner H-E-B.
Thanks to my neighbor Karen, who shared the information, to Sofia who hopped on the phone and get me signed up and to
H-E-B for helping to get everyone protected.
I feel only a slight discomfort in my left arm, nothing else ~ Salute! #gratefulheart

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