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Kat Hugging The World 4 12 2021

Earth Cuddle ~ Katrina Curtiss  4/12/2021

I want to write tonight, but I know not what about,
So many things in my head, I want to scream and shout.
I see the bad, I see the good, I see the in-between,
I’m torn between a giggle, torn between a scream.

Another body fallen, another baby born,
I wonder if I am the only one, who feels so very torn.
I know that there is good, I see it everyday,
I know that there is bad, the ending of the play.

I just wonder as I wander, pause as I do see,
If anyone feels lonely, like ships cast out to sea.
As people are together, I watch as I do roam,
If anyone is like me, who likes to be alone.

No words, just noble silence, no engagement do I seek,
Not having to worry about any words I speak.
My love for all humanity is at an all time high,
I would wrap my arms around the world, and let it have a cry.

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