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Roses In My Yard 5/4/2021

Pretentious Purpose © ~ Katrina Curtiss 5/4/2021

The roses outside my window spoke today,
Asking me, if I have grown?
They survived through all of the storms,
They did all the work on their own.

The wind whispered, as I stood nearby,
Asking me, if I have danced?
She tickled my hair, tossed it here and there,
As I stood still, as if in a trance.

The clouds in the sky, started to cry,
Asking if I have shared my pain?
They blocked the sun, and gave me shade,
Until light came out again.

The birds in the trees, asked me again please,
If I had done my dream doing deeds?
They sing for no one and yet for us all
Into the silence, the void their songs feed.

Had I gotten caught into being undone?
Simple thoughts, cradled close to my chest?
Had the noise in my head, left my heart unfed?
Soon number 2 pencils, will be put to rest.

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