You are currently viewing A Letter A Day “Time Out Music Lessons” Katrina Curtiss 3/23/2020

A Letter A Day “Time Out Music Lessons” Katrina Curtiss 3/23/2020

Now that the world is in a “Time Out” due to the Corona Virus, there’s a lot that I can’t do.

I can’t go into homes and care for the elderly, can’t feed those without food, hug anyone, make surgical masks (I cheated in home economics class and had my sister do my sewing project), keep that same sister who is a nurse from going into work. The list of things I can’t do is the long and winding road.

The things I can do are: continue teaching my students, call my friends, family, talk to my neighbors, share an egg or two, even toilet paper. I can check on those I know and accept friend requests from people I don’t on social media, suddenly people are coming out of the woodwork, I think we need connection even if it’s in the clouds.

This morning it occurred that I’m not so helpless; that there is something that I do that might help someone. I can offer to help people learn how to play the guitar or ukulele, even sing better via emails and other social media outlets.

I’m offering on line lessons to my regular students, it’s a work in progress, I’ve tried Skype and Zoom ~ it tough because I’m pretty hands on as an instructor and this is defiantly hands off. I’ll get it and after all, it’s just for the length of this time out.

But what about those who don’t have any money; they might need a musical helping hand too. What about helping strangers, friends unmet, learn to do something they’ve always wanted to do. Now’s a great time for them to get that guitar or ukulele out of the closet and give it a go.

It just makes sense to share, since I’m putting together email’s with instructions for my regular students, what’s so hard about adding another name?  it’s just a type and a click.

I’m calling it “Time Out Music Lessons” ~ because, well, we’re in a Time Out.
It’s free to anyone, any age who wants to have something to do while there’s not much to do.

So, if you’re a beginner, getting started can be daunting ~ there’s so much information on the internet, it’s overwhelming. So for now, I’ll share what
I usually share with my paying students.

If you’ve got access to a guitar or ukulele or just want help singing, I’m here.
So have a sit in the empty Music Seat and let’s begin

My personal email:
If interested in the free info, shoot me an email

Today’s Musing: “Share what you know and watch the World Grow” ~ Katrina Curtiss


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