The Worth Of One Life ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/9/21

Today, The world mourns the death of Prince Philip.
The partner, companion to Queen Elizabeth for seven decades.

I see tributes across all news platforms, for he was a great man
who lived a full life. I assume with all the material comforts that one could ask for.

I honor his life, but the attention that his passing is getting makes me sad.
Sad for all the lives lost that go unmentioned, for friends who made the grand exit without fanfare.

This past week, 4 people that I have known left. I would not have known to grieve if not for social media postings from mutual friends.

I suspect the passing of Prince Philip; will perhaps allow the entire world to mourn as one. Instead of the few that mourn in silence as the curtain falls upon our friends, the ones who have touched our lives.

This is written in tribute of a lost Prince and others who left us too soon. And in honor of those of us who grieve in silence.

May you also rest in peace:
John Evers
Ken Felter
Michael Alexander
Karen Barrett Lerma

***As the public mourns the lost of a Prince, news just broke of the death of Rapper DMX at the young age of 50.

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