Sharing My Conversation With My Little Neighbor Guitar Wonder Boy ~ 2/28/2021

Him: “Hey Katrina!!!”

Me: (thinking Curses, I’ve been spotted)

He rides his skateboard up my driveway

Him: “So, I got a family acoustic guitar, but it only had two strings.

Me: (Imagining this small boy with a large acoustic guitar)

Him: “So, I used the electric guitar strings that you gave me to restring it, but 3 of them broke.”

Me: “Well, those were for an electric guitar…”

Him: “Yeah, but my uncle says it was okay.”

Me: (thinking about uncles and guitars)

Me: “Okay, so you know that I have strings and things, next time you need something, come knock at my door.”

Him: “Yeah, but I don’t want to always bother you.”

Me: “Well, when I was your age, I took whatever help that I could get, so you’re no bother, just come let me know what you need. I like you, you’re smart and cool.”

Him: “Me, cool?”

Me: “Yes you, now get off my driveway and go play.”

Him: “Okay, thanks! Oh, yeah I came up with a cool song, but forgot it, so now I can’t play it.”

Me: “Okay, sometime when you have time, I’ll show you how to write it down.”

Him: “Yeah, okay, but I’m pretty busy…”

And off he rode on his skateboard into the dusk.

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