You are currently viewing King COVID-19 Rules © ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7.22.21
King COVID-19 7.22.21

King COVID-19 Rules © ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7.22.21

“Ah Ha!” cried the King Of COVID-19, “we have finally made it around the world!
People are scared and buying toilet paper, what fools!”

King COVID-19 gathered his court around him, directing their path as he laughed at his success.

But then the people were offered a vaccine to kill King COVID and his minions.
“Oh, no!” shouted COVID-19, “we will be out of work, we will never survive, we will slowly fade into a memory, much like Polio!”

Citizens of the COVID-19 community watched in horror as COVID stocks fell, they felt that all was lost.
For with a vaccine, humans would have a shield against their force.
Humans, who had lived in fear, would surely protect themselves against such an enemy!

Secluded in his strategy room, King COVID-19 sat with his generals Sitting in his overstuffed chair, he puffed on his cigar and drank his whiskey. As clouds of smoke filled the air, he said, “Fear not, for even though there is a vaccine, some of the humans are refusing to take it. Aha!”

Then they formed their dastardly plan.

“We will go after the unvaccinated, we will continue onward with each step making ourselves stronger, we will…MUTATE!”

King COVID-19 set his best scientist upon making themselves stronger, to hit harder, to continue to claim their stake against mankind.
Not only would they aim at the unvaccinated, but they would send their strongest out to target the vaccinated.
Knowing that if they could make them, even a little sick, that humans would continue to distrust the only thing that could save them.

King COVID-19 recently held a press conference. When asked what he attributes his success to, he replied:
“Money, Politics, Pride, our best allies in our fight against mankind”

COVIDS gathered around their televisions to watch the news and cheered as stories were told of how humans were no longer wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart. “Hurrah!!!” they all cried and hugged each other close.

COVIDS toast the mask less, they cheer for the unvaccinated, and they ring a bell when misinformation is shared.
Parties are thrown, baby COVIDS are born, and parades are planned.

In this day they celebrate their progress, relish in their strength and laugh at the foolishness of mankind.

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