You are currently viewing Hurricane Basura © ~ Katrina Curtiss  8.21.21
Hurricane Basura 8 21 21

Hurricane Basura © ~ Katrina Curtiss  8.21.21

Lately, Basura Cat just has not been the same
She wants her name to be part of a hurricane
“Why not me?” She cries with all of her might
“Hurricane Basura, the name sounds just right!”

I told her that hurricanes can hurt people a lot
But all she did was kick over a pot
She clawed at the curtains, she broke a vase
She was causing destruction all over the place.

I told her of the time that one bared my name
And caused so much devastation, it was such a shame
People lost houses, some lost their lives
Pets lost their owners, bees lost their hives.

So I turned on the fans, blowing wind here and there
The plants began to sway, forks got stuck in our hair
I announced, “Hurricane Basura, go run and hide!”
Into the closet we ran, me and my cat’s foolish pride.

(This not meant to be disrespectful to the dangers of hurricanes ~ stay safe ~ always)

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