Rights Vs. Regrets ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8.4.21

If you wear your seatbelt and have an accident, your chances of surviving are greatly increased.

If you get vaccinated against a virus, your chances of surviving are greatly increased.

This idea that some choices in favor of public health and safety are to be handed to private individuals to make the best choices in favor of the public blows my mind.

If that “thinking” or lack thereof held true, then we could do away with traffic signs and regulations. Imagine a world if you will, that we trusted other drivers to drive with the “choice” of having the public best interest at heart.

If that “thinking” or lack thereof held true, then we could do away with “No Smoking” regulations. The list goes on…

Imagine a world where we could actually trust everyone’s judgment to make a decision in the best interest of public health and safety. Personally I thought that I lived in such a world, sadly I was incredibly wrong.

Think if you will, think back to how we as a people did the “right” thing when it came to the great toilet paper hoarding of 2020.

Other countries are literally dying to get vaccinated, while here in the states we are bribing people to take it.

It’s a telling time, we as a people ~ divided.

Yes, I know that the vaccinated can contract the virus, but their chances of riding it out on their couch over being hospitalized are greatly increased. Personally, I choose the couch.

My prayer is that no one reading this finds themselves in a hospital bed with regrets, wishing they had gotten vaccinated ~ no one reading this infects another soul.

I think we are all tired of this, exhausted if you will, the imposition of self will run riot.

Stay safe, wear a mask, please make good choices for all, especially our children.





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