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Damn It! ~ By Katrina Curtiss 8.5.21

Damn It!

Today, a friend of mine had to go to the hospital with serious heart issues.
She has been there all day, tests, fluids, more tests.
They want to keep her overnight for observation
They cannot keep her overnight for observation because:

There are no rooms for her. The room she needs; the bed she needs is unavailable because they are filled with infected unvaccinated Covid-19 patients.

According to this report from the City of San Antonio: “88-90% of people now in the hospital are unvaccinated.”

Statistics show that fewer vaccinated people contract Covid-19 and if so, they are able to recuperate at home, taking the strain off of our medical professionals and allowing others in need a better chance of proper health care.

Damn It!

Get vaccinated ~ wear a mask ~ wash your hands ~ 6 feet separation.

Damn It!

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