Silent Sins ~ by Katrina Curtiss  11.24.21

There are things about me that do not show
Things that you will never know
A white woman with hair of brown, eyes of blue
Never matching socks inside my shoes.

I walk in fear late at night
Of those whose minds are not right
I watch my P’s and watch my Q’s
Cautious with the words I choose

No honking do I blow my horn
When off the road, I’m run
So many crazy people
Ready to grab a gun

It is a tedious trek, head kept low
Keeping to me the things I know
Privileged by the color of my skin
Privileged by the silence of my sins.

**Written in response to this morning’s verdict that all 3 white men were found guilty of murder in the 2020 slaying
of Ahmaud Arbery. An innocent black man out for a run, hunted down by rednecks.***

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