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I Know A Little Thing ~ by Katrina Curtiss 5.5.2022

I know a little thing; it’s how to play the guitar
Sometimes it takes me little, sometimes it takes me far
I’m as good as some, not as good as most
I love that I can play it, but do not like to boast.

It’s just part of a tree, with six steel strings
But, oh I cannot tell you, all the happiness it brings
When life is unsettled, or even when it’s great
I play from early hours until the day is late.

Its travelled me here and it’s travelled me there
Playing bars and lounges and even country fairs
And when the night is silent, my favorite thing to do
Is picking up my guitar and playing a song or two.

My latest adventure is teaching how to play
It’s a pleasant surprise when all my students stay
For it’s just me, 6 strings and something made of wood
I’d teach the world for free, if only that I could.


***I’ve been teaching guitar for over 15 years, every student is a book to me, everyone learns differently, everyone has a different way of understanding. I’ve had students who have had “bad” teachers and stopped learning, ’tis a shame. How they find their way to my door is a mystery. A teacher – one on one – has the opportunity, the responsiblity to take the time to learn how to teach each student. Music is an incredibly intimate sharing of a soul. Patience is critical for both teacher and student, practice is critical for both. If you’ve been wanting to learn, but pushed it aside for whatever reason, find a teacher who will help you. Music has been my soulmate, filling the silence of life, perhaps it is also yours. Onward with your dreams my friends, “Do what you dare to dream and dare to dream big!”

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