When You Were Mine ~ by Katrina Curtiss 6.24.2022

I overslept the morning that the Supreme Court reversed Roe Vs. Wade, in hindsight, I was glad that such a terrible day was cut short.

Everyone seems to think this decision was to “save lives” ~ for me it is solely about taking away Women’s Rights.
Girls today, now have less rights than their mothers, a step backwards 50 years in time.
I’m not pro babies or anti babies – I am for a person’s right to make choices when it comes to their own bodies.

Why is everything so black and white?
Is there no thought for the woman who has been raped?
Is there no thought for the woman who must now carry a dead child to full term?
Is there no thought…?

The previous night the Supreme Court expanded gun rights, this hot on the heels of the terrible tragedy and loss of
life at a school in Uvalde, Texas.
Everyone screams about the 2nd amendment, it’s not about taking away guns, it about taking assault weapons off our streets,
it’s about doing background checks, it’s about keeping our schools, churches, gatherings safe from mass shootings.

I am a gun owner, have always been one. I never take it outside of my house, I don’t live in that world.
It’s only to protect myself in the event of a break-in, I do live in that world.

Your business is none of my business, until your business effects me.
Strap on a gun if you walk in fear, if you think you’ll be a hero, if you think you can stop a bad guy (Yes, it’s always guys)
But get the assault weapons off our streets. I have a better chance of surviving if he has a pistol over an AR-15.

The 2nd Amendment: — “the right to bear arms existed so that people could be part of a militia, it was dependent on one’s
participation in a militia.”

I am saddened by the division in my country, my perception has been changed, my loyalty challenged.

My wish for you, for them, for us: Peace ~ Namaste ~ Vibrate at your highest level ~ Create ~ Speak you truth  and be willing
to find a middle ground with those on the other side, none of us is completely right of wrong in our beliefs.

The day Roe was overturned, I wrote the song, “When You Were Mine.” ~ thanks for listening.

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