Looking Out, Looking In ~ by Katrina Curtiss 6.26.2022

Families gathered, dinners being had.
Children gathered around Mom and Dad.
Being on the outside wishing to be in
Thoughts of loneness, shrouding me again.

Protestors on the sidewalks
Megaphoned hate talk
Being on the inside, wishing to be safe
Once running to be part of, now I hesitate.

Marching in a rally, gathered for a cause
Fearful of assault weapons, causing me to pause
One loaded lunatic can mow down several souls
Vowing to make a difference, going to the polls.

Looking over shoulders, ready to run
Sound of fireworks, or was it of a gun?
Safety is a mindset, one must hold on to
Thoughts trapped like wild animals caged within a zoo.

Stay safe, stay strong ~ #girlwithguitar

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