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“The Things I Don’t Know” by Katrina Curtiss 3/30/2020

It seems there’s quite a lot, I don’t know
If we shut everything down, where would we go?
My plumbing is leaking, my floor it is sinking
The tile under my tub, is cracking and creaking

How can I stay at home, if it falls to the ground?
I hear strange noises when I flush, what’s that sound?
The seal on my sink, is starting to leak
Thank God, I still have some cheap wine to drink.

I thought they should close everything down
And stop everyone from running around
Then others told me the jobs they must do
They taught me, more than a thing or two

Cars need to run, food needs to be got
We need support for all the things that we’ve got
Repair, replace, replenish, repeat
Doing our best by the skin of our teeth.

I think that my thoughts might have been wrong
More is needed to keep us all going strong
So forgive me for not knowing more
But, you still won’t find me going to any store.

Today’s Musing: “You never realize what you don’t know until you know it” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar

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  1. Marty

    Nicely done! (But you still DO know a LOT!) ?

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