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Basura Cat Calling Seniors On Thanksgiving 11:18:2020

My Cat Wants To Call Seniors On Thanksgiving ~ by Katrina Curtiss 11/18/2020

Having a roof over and a pillow under my head, fills me with gratitude everyday, taking nothing for granted in this day and age of COVID~19.

It will be a difficult Thanksgiving for many of us, those respecting the safety procedures of social distancing, small gatherings, no hugging, the list goes on.
So, upon this holiday season if we cannot hug those we love, we can call those, who perhaps do not feel love, those without family.
Meals On Wheels is looking for volunteers to call Seniors on Thanksgiving, a small gesture, to connect and perhaps raise the energy of our world. Anyone can volunteer whatever they can, hopefully you’ll join my family as we try to make the world a nicer place.

The Adventures of Basura continue…

Basura Cat has only one thing upon her mind,
She wants to reach out to seniors and be kind.
On Thanksgiving Day many are alone,
She says, “We should call them on the telephone!”

“We can ask them questions about their day,
We can listen to what they have to say.”
“We can tell them, who we are,
I can sing, while you play the guitar!”

How can it be that my cat has so much empathy?
If her heart were a song, it would be a symphony.
Pets sometimes, if we listen, will show us the way,
With open hearts and so very much to say.

“We can call some, then we can call some more,
We’ll call the rich, the sick, the healthy and poor!”
Basura Cat thinks it’s such a cool thing to do,
Quickly adding, “I’ll leave most of the talking up to you.”

Today’s Musing: “The most important thing we can offer, is our time.” ~ Quote by Basura, owner of me #girlwithguitar

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