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Basura And Birthday Mom

My Cat And Me And Memories Of Mom ~ a short Birth Day poem by Katrina Curtiss 4/15/2020

In the middle of night, I heard a strange sound
So, I got up to take a good look around
And what to my wondering eyes did I find?
My cat, looking at an old family photo album of mine

As we turned the pages, my life did unfold
Pictures of me from young to the old
“Who’s that woman?” she asked, “The one with the beautiful smile
She’s always next to you, when you were a child”

“That’s my mom” I answered, “She died when I was 21
She raised us alone, 3 daughters and a son
She worked everyday and she tried really hard
Even without money, she bought me my first guitar”

“Where is she?” Basura asked, “She’s in heaven” I replied
And suddenly my cat started to cry
“It’s okay”, I said gently, “Even though it wasn’t a lot
I’m grateful for all the time that I got”

Today is her Special day, when she first came to earth
A day that we use to celebrate her birth
Even though she’s not here, we can still celebrate
With her favorite foods, turkey, fresh bread, a bite of chocolate cake

“She was my grandma?” my cat wanted to know
“Yes, I guess you could say that would be so”
As the sun began to rise, together we sang a song
“Happy Birth Day, we Miss you, Happy Birth Day our Mom”


Today’s Musing: “Do the best you can, no-one can ask for anything more” Quote by Jeanne Marie Curtiss, mother of me #girlwithguitar

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  1. ddmitch782

    This is beautiful, Katrina. I shed a tear with Basura, too.

  2. Connie L. Calvo

    So sweet! I shed a tear with Basura! Happy heavenly Birthday to your momma!❤️?

    1. ddmitch782

      Me too!

  3. Chris


  4. Marty

    I’m loving your poems w/Barsura! Very clever. ?❤️?

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