You are currently viewing Life is Like A Jack In The Box  (The Toy, Not The Restaurant) by Katrina Curtiss 5/20/2020
Jack In The Box ~ drawn by me

Life is Like A Jack In The Box  (The Toy, Not The Restaurant) by Katrina Curtiss 5/20/2020

I feel like I’m waiting for the next big surprise. In my lifetime, I never thought I’d see another war, pandemic, attacks on American soil, violent acts of racism, Sadly, I was and continue to be wrong.

I thought it was fear as I watched the world slowly close its doors and draw its curtains. As toilet paper became coveted, as those who’ve got, got more and those who don’t, didn’t. “Do I have enough? What if I don’t? What if you don’t and I do?” I felt crazy, thinking, I need to share, so I’ll buy more, but then, there won’t be enough for somebody else. Thoughts like this have amused and confused me.

Guilt because I’m a saver for a rainy day, and felt that I needed to share my umbrella., because I was healthy and a friend had the Virus.

Admiration for those on the front lines, mixed with anxiety for their safety.

Confusion clouded my days with the mixed stories on what to do, when to do it, making sure to do it alone.

Nostalgia paid me a visit as birthdays came and went, graduations passed, lives were created, lives were lost.

Boredom races to greet me every morning, with amusement, I turn her away, saying, “Not today.”

Appreciation sat upon my lap as I watched my mail being delivered, my trash taken, my air conditioning kick on and my Netflix flow.

Anger comes to visit on the wings of terrible stories of horrific humans doing disgusting things.

Excitement filled my heart when I went for a drive, getting out past my driveway for the first time in 2 and half months.

Envy was my color as others, kept on keeping on, I wanted to be in the “essential” cool kids class.

Surprise, surprised me with the Stimulus Check, unemployment and random acts of kindness left upon my porch.

Joy jumps though my phone as friends’ call and conversations with loved ones keep us connected

I’m watching with great interest as patience, finances and freedoms for many are being threatened and we try to return to “normal.”

What I feel is the crazy excited, fearful feeling of playing with a Jack In The Box toy. I had a love, hate relationship with that game as a kid
Turn the crank, slowly listening to the music, knowing, waiting for Jack to Pop out, You know it will, it’s just a question of when.

Today’s Musing: “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel, The monkey, though it all in fun, POP goes the weasel.”

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  1. Connie L. Calvo

    Words of wisdom! Thank you for expressing what most of us are thinking but cannot put into words as well as you can!

  2. Dc

    Very trying times for all I assume…
    Definitely feel the “ What next?”.

  3. Bob

    Re: “amused and confused” — better than dazed and crazed.

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