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Basura Helps Me Write 6/18/2020

My Cat Is A Hugger Of People ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 6/18/2020

At any given hours, I like to write
I do it in the day, and all through the night
It’s my world of escape, my way to cope
It’s keeps me tethered to hope, like a rope.

When I do, one thing is always true
Basura cat wants to write with me too
She peeks from the corner and then sits at my feet
Meowing, “I think your writing is really neat.”

She jumps on my desk, knocking over my mess
And corrects my spelling, like a teacher with a test
She cautions me that people will sometimes write back
She’s a kind and protective, grammar correct cat.

Sometimes, she does a most wondrous thing
When she does, I stop, smile and hear my heart sing
She places her body up against mine
And in that moment, you’ll both of us find.

Sitting in silence, sharing our space
Neither wanting to be in any other place
How does she know that I love her so much?
That right in that moment I needed her touch.

I’ve never believed it, when I’ve hear people say
They prefer pets to people on any given day
But she gives so much and asks for so little back
I highly recommend a people-hugging cat.

Today’s Musing: Basura looks up at me and says, “I’m glad I picked you.” To which I reply, “Yes, me too” ~ #girlwithguitar







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  1. Connie L. Calvo

    She’s such a sweet cat! So is the owner of Basura!

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