You are currently viewing The Empty Vase ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8/4/2020
The Empty Vase 8/4/2020

The Empty Vase ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8/4/2020

I’m a stay at home kid since Covid-19 came to town, but today found myself out and about, shopping at Wal-Mart. The main reason for going, is Basura Cat has decided she doesn’t like any of her food, not the wet pate, the dry, the expensive special brand, nothing.

I keep thinking if she gets hungry enough, she’ll eat, but she doesn’t so what’s a girl to do?

So, okay, Wal-Mart has what I need, off I go, excited like a dog for a ride. Thinking to myself, “Girl, you haven’t driven much in the last 5 months, so pay attention!”

My choice of attire is an oversize thick hooded sweatshirt jacket, It hangs down to my knees with extra long sleeves so I don’t have to actually touch things.

I get the cat food, so many choices, so many brands it can give you vertigo.

As I pass by the flowers, I think to myself, “Hmmmm, betcha Sofia would like to have some in her home office,” Watching someone work from home, hours and hours in Zoom meetings, ever changing protocol and practices, is exhausting. Plus this is the time of year that she goes back home to Portugal for a visit; it’s obvious that she is homesick.

So for a woman who needs cheering up, Flowers is usually a safe bet.

What do I know about picking out flowers? My knowledge wouldn’t fill a thimble, so it was taking me a few minutes to decide.

Just then a customer walked in the store and immediately pulled his mask down, below his chin. I was so surprised, that I stared. I’d been in the store for at least half an hour and everyone was wearing his or her mask in the proper way.

But this guy, what a guy! He was stomping his feet and glaring at me, hand to God. He was looking at me with so much hatred, I was stunned, so I held eye contact, I just couldn’t look away, it was like watching a car crash. I was so surprised.

He took a few steps towards me, I took a few steps back, then he flipped me the single finger salute, glared at me some more, mouthed for me to do something that was insulting and he stormed away.

I was so startled by his amount of rage, his veins in his neck bulged, his face was red

and I think he wanted to fight me. (As I write this it makes me laugh, but I think he was coming in for mask confrontation ~ note this whole experience happened in less that 7 seconds, I know because I was counting)

I ask myself, are people that angry at having to wear a mask while they run into a closed environment?

Is doing something to help other’s such a burden?

His blatant disregard for others amazed me.

I could go on, but I’ll stop…

The sad ending of this story?

I was so surprised at this chance encounter that I forgot to buy the flowers.

Today’s Musing; “It’s only the children who wear their mask incorrectly” ~ Katrina Curtiss

Stay Healthy, Wear Your Flipping Mask
Much Love Always,
Your friend, #girlwithguitar

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  1. Ukie Bobby

    Wearing a mask is not a political statement, it’s an IQ test…and this guy obviously flunked! (So glad you’re okay!)

  2. Connie L Calvo

    What a jerk! I’m glad that you’re ok! I’m sure Sofia loves the thought of you bringing her flowers ?.

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