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Basura & Pink Eye 9:21:2020

My Cat Has Pink Eye ~ A Short Poem by Katrina Curtiss 9/21/2020

The Adventures Of Basura Continue…

My Cat Has Pink Eye ~ by me

Basura Cat was hiding today,
I called and called for her to come out and play.
I found her tucked far away under my bed,
“Good morning, my darling cat,” I said.

But Basura was sad and started to cry,
She said, “I think there’s something stuck in my eye.”
She squinted and looked like a pirate to me
When I tried to pet her, she said, “Just let me be.”

Off to the Vet, though the weather was bad,
Oh, putting her in the carrier makes her so mad.
She meowed and cried the whole way there,
Saying, “Oh, this cat life is so very unfair!”

The Vet took her and held her tight,
And said, “Oh poor Basura, your eye isn’t right.”
“You’ve got Conjunctivitis in your tiny right eye,
No wonder you’re sad, no wonder you cry.”

He gave me some drops, “Every 6 hours,” he said,
“Don’t forget to set your alarm and get out of your bed.”
“Then find her and give her these drops, she’ll be okay,”
So off to home we went, on a still rainy day.

If you’ve ever given a cat eye drops, you know my struggle,
I try to trick her onto my lap, saying, “Come here let’s snuggle.”
But she twists and turns and fights every drop,
We’ll both be so happy when our wrestling stops.

So here’s to cat owners with pets that are sick
To give them, their medication, is quite a slick trick
A dog may get mad, but they get over it soon
But a cat will stay mad from here to the moon.

Today’s Musing: “If I’m gonna have Pink Eye, I should at least get a pink pair of shoes to match.” ~ quote by Basura, owner of me. #girlwithguitar




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  1. Connie L Calvo

    Get her the shoes! I hope she feels better soon and that she forgives you soon!!?❤️

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