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Sofia And Basura And Bulky Item Collection Day In September (9/28/2020)

Sofia and My Cat Are Bulky Item Bandits ~ Katrina Curtiss 9/23/2020

Twice a year, the city of San Antonio comes out and picks up bulky items that people don’t want. People put all kinds of stuff out in front of their homes. Furniture, mattresses, appliances, fencing, tires, broken TV’s, baby stuff, it’s a cornucopia of mismatched items. There’s also a competition, as people from all over the city, roam the streets, taking what they want at all hours of the day and night. Sofia gets more excited about this time of year, than she does Christmas, armed with her tools, out she goes, Basura travels with her in spirit, waiting to inspect everything upon her return.

Sofia and My Cat Are Bulky Item Bandits ~ by me 9/23/2020

Basra Cat and Sofia are ready for our Bulky Item Collection Pick-up,
They’re calling all their friends, trying to borrow a pick-up truck.
It happens twice a year, when people toss out the things they don’t want,
Basura and Sofia go out everywhere, oh the neighborhoods they haunt.

They find old chairs, and take hinges and screws,
Things of all colors, yellow, green, orange and blue.
A woman and my cat, oh the many things that they find,
They bring them all home, driving me out of my mind.

They rehab, refurbish, repaint and remake,
They’re both very talented, no mistake do they make.
A drawer into a cat dining set, a shutter into a box,
Where I end up keeping all of my mismatched socks.

It’s like Christmas morning, with presents galore,
They make a trip home, and then go out some more.
Just one more time, they both say to me,
As they skip out hand in paw, both filled with glee.

It’s free and it’s fun for some I suppose,
I wonder what they’ll make from those old tires and that hose.
Something wonderful and cool, they’re like kids in a store,
But we’ll need a bigger house, if they bring home any more.

Today’s Musing: “Hurry, before all the good stuff is gone” ~ Basura and Sofia, the Bulk Bandits. #girlwithguitar




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  1. Connie L Calvo

    I definitely thought of them 2 bandits when I saw the flyer for bulk item pick up day! Love their creativeness! Yours too!

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