Devastation ~ by Katrina Curtiss 11/20/2020

A tribute to Michelle Neumann, of San Antonio, Tx. Wife, mother, friend to humanity.
With her husband and two sons by her side, Michelle lost her battle with COVID-19 yesterday at 6:03pm

Devastation ~ by Katrina Curtiss 11/20/2020

As his wife cried in the other room, he silently sat, the heaviness of grief wrapped them both, bound together.

Her best friend, sister of choice, lay in a nearby hospital, clinging to her last moments, losing her battle with COVID-19.

It’s different when you read about it, like heeding reports of a tornado. Understanding, honoring it’s nearness, but doubtful that it will strike your lives.

But it does, it did and now a loved one is lost.

As the sun rises, a funeral is being planned. A father left to figure out how life will go forward, his two sons in hand.

This is life for some upon this day; this is death upon this day.

A true story, shared.

As we go about our day, let us honor those who have left us.
Let us take another step in loving memory of loved ones who left too soon.

*Please wear your mask, the life you save may be your own. #girlwithguitar #COVID-19


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