All Lies Matter ~ Katrina Curtiss 2/5/2021

What you see and what you believe are filtered though your mind,
Many fail to read to find the truth, read more than the headline.
Some react and then attack, and then watch the story grow,
Spreading lies with conviction, influencing all they know.

Some become Doctors without degrees,
Saying they know best.
Some become Lawyers, misquoting laws.
Putting facts to rest.

Train Screamers, dream that they are right,
Without any proof, they fight with might.
The most outrageous claims are made,
To themselves, they have become enslaved.

So, as we keep our heads down and wait,
We trust ourselves not to take the bait.
We may never see each other the same again,
The path divides and decides who are our friends.

Wear your mask, save a life,
#girlwithguitar and #Basuracat

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  1. Connie

    Unfortunately this is true!

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