Shared Conversation with Sofia ~ Katrina Curtiss ~ 2/22/2021

Sofia: “You know, I just stopped in at the corner store and overheard a conversation between a customer and the clerk.”

Me: (*thinking about my gig this weekend)

Sofia: “So this guy was saying how happy he was that he got the Vaccine for Covid~19, he’s said he got it for his wife, his kids, his friends…”

Me: (*wondering if it’s okay to finally drain the water from the bathtub, wondering if all of our pipes are really okay)

Sofia: “So then the clerk asks him, if he qualifies to get the vaccine, and he says, “No.” But that his sister works at a vaccination site in Buda, and she got everybody signed up.”

Me: (shaking my head, because I was actually listening the whole time)

Sofia: “Here he was saying it all loud and proud, like it was a good thing that he, his wife, family and friends, all jumped the line.”

Me: “It’s really sad, this, “It’s who you know” mentality. “

Sofia: “Yeah, I going to bed…”

FYI~  the guy said he is 61 years old, not that it makes any difference.

This past year, I have come to realize that I don’t know people at all.

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