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Basura And Her Thanksgiving Thoughts 11:25:2020

My Cat And Thanksgiving ~ Katrina Curtiss 11/25/2020

Basura and me were having a chat,
She jumped on my lap, such a friendly cat.
She said, that the numbers of cases are getting high,
“I thought we had told COVID~19, goodbye.”

“Yes,” I sighed as we began to play,
But the numbers seem to be getting higher every day.
They dipped down, now they’re up, it’s a roller coaster ride,
So still behind our masks, our smiles we will hide.

So Thanksgiving will be quite different this year,
But smaller doesn’t mean it won’t be filled with cheer.
It will be just, Sofia, Basura and Me,
I’m cooking up dinner, what fun it will be.

It’s cool to stay within our own little bubble,
That way, hopefully none of us will get into trouble.
From our house to yours, stay healthy and wise,
With our masks on, we hug you with our eyes.

Today’s Musing: “If we aren’t having company, then that means there will be more turkey for me!” ~ Quote by Basura, owner of me. #girlwithguitar

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