I Let My Guard Down ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8.2.21

The CDC came out and said that fully vaccinated people could be indoors without masks ~ so, I dropped my guard.

I removed the Plexiglas separation; I taught music lessons without masks, honoring the 6 feet separation.

I was lulled into a false sense of security.

A student this past Friday, an adult who has been fully vaccinated, now has COVID ~19, he is at home, but sick.
He texted me his status, for that I am grateful.

My task now, outside of not getting sick — is to reach out to my students and anyone who was in close contact with me after my exposure.

I am contacting my students, letting them know the situation, some are canceling for the week, and others are switching to zoom.

I’m disappointed with myself ~ I try to stay on top of the news, I thought it was okay to be indoors without a mask with fully vaccinated people. Turns out they changed the guidelines with the new Delta Strain and I got caught with my guard down.

Incubation period is 10-14 days, so I will get tested this Wednesday. In the meantime, I think I feel fine, having an auto immune issue brings a heighten awareness to this situation. I always feel fatigued, so how will I recognize more fatigue? I’m taking zinc and vitamins C & D ~ staying alert to how my body feels, and recognizing that the imagination is not always ones best friend.

Why share this?

Because I let my guard down, I always wear a mask when out, because I don’t know who has and who hasn’t been vaccinated.
But I failed myself when teaching in my studio, by trying to make it more comfortable for everyone by not requiring masks for the vaccinated. At this time, I have no students who are not vaccinated.

There are those who will think this is no big deal.

There are those who, after reading this may think twice about the situations we find ourselves in.

My understanding of Public Health is to take whatever measures I can, to ensure the health and safety of the public. I am fully vaccinated, will get a booster when made available and will from henceforth wear a mask indoors when teaching or with those who I do not live with.

My concerns: That the limited exposure that I had with a student was limited enough.

That he will fully recover and I will not be held to task if anyone that I have come into contact with gets sick.








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