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Exposed ~ Katrina Curtiss 8.6.21

He was stuffy and said it was allergies
I kept him at least 6 feet away from me
We spent time together, this student and I
At least an hour before he said good-bye.

We’re both vaccinated and took our masks off
But then he coughed that nasty cough
Sitting separate on each side of the room
Thinking maybe I should go back to teaching on Zoom.

The next day a text, Covid-19 in his chest
I canceled all of my students, thinking it best
Thinking of anyone who had come into my space
Thankfully, outdoors, I wear a mask on my face.

My test has come back, no COVID have I
Such a relief, that a tear did I cry
So from now all of us indoors will wear a mask
Believe me, putting a mask on a cat is not an easy task.

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