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Ode To Texas Heat 5 11 2022

Ode To Texas Heat ~ by Katrina Curtiss ~ 5.11.2022

Oh, the heat we have in Texas makes a cat meow
It burns the paws of doggies and tans the hides of cows
The tar it gets so hot, that when you cross the street
Make sure to wear your shoes or burn the bottoms of your feet.

It was just a couple weeks ago, we complained about the rain
Trapped indoors, some Texans claimed they were quite insane
And then a couple months ago, it was so cold outside
That in our socks and sandals, we all stayed warm inside.

The chickens are not laying eggs; they claim that it’s too hot
We all know that lazy chickens, end up in a cooking pot
The fish say the waters getting lower, and that is of concern
Who has seen a fish that suffers from a sunburn?

Oh, this southern heat is a lot for some of us to bear
That’s why most us run around in our underwear
It’s back inside, where the air is nice and cool
And I’m your new best friend, if you have a pool.

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