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Drywall Repair With Basura

The Cat Who Tried To Drywall ~ A short poem by Katrina Curtiss 4/10/2020

My Cat couldn’t learn to play the guitar
She failed when she tried to drive my car
It seems that she can’t do anything at all
So I tried to teach her how to repair drywall

First we must scratch, then we scrape
Cover the cracks with special tape
Plaster and mud and then we sand
And to help it dry, we’ll turn on the fan

She meowed heavily, “this isn’t much fun”
“Basursa,” I said, “we must do what needs done
We’ll work as a team; it’s faster that way
And as soon as it’s done, I promise we’ll play”

She tried for a bit, and then suddenly quit
and off to my side, she decided to sit
So we chatted, and patted until the end of the day
She didn’t even help put anything away

I didn’t get mad, I didn’t get sad
The fact that she tried, made me feel really glad
She can’t play a guitar, drive a car or drywall
She just isn’t good at these things, not at all

What she is really, really good at, is being a really, really great cat
The best in the world as a matter of fact
Tomorrow’s a new day; we’ll play, and then try
as together we watch all the days pass by

Today’s Musing: “A life without thumbs has it’s challenges” ~ quote by Basura ~ owner of Katrina #girlwithguitar

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    Wow, Basura I’m really impressed! My Terrier Roscoe isn’t much of a conversationalist. You & Katrina actually chat! Sounds like you’re a hell of a cat!

  2. ddmitch782

    Lovely! You capture sweet Basura so well.

  3. Shelley

    Absolutely love it?

  4. Marty

    I love that she’s really, really good at being a cat. ? That’s her only job!

    Great poem, Katrina!

  5. Favorite

    Great work Basura!!!!

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