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My Cat Is Learning Morse Code ~ Katrina Curtiss 1/15/2021

Basura cat was going tippy tap,
What a strange noise, being made by my cat.
She is busy learning Morse code today,
To hear what the outgoing president has to say.

He’s no longer welcome on social media sites,
No longer is he writing in the middle of the night.
In his attempt to make democracy erode,
He is trying to reach his followers using Morse code.

“No he’s not,” I said, as she tippy tapped away,
He has his press conferences to use everyday.
But he chooses to hide, as he gets ready to leave,
As the country together, collectively breathes.

In less than a week, Biden and Harris will begin,
To bring our country back together again.
They have a plan to rebuild and restore,
To get the Vaccine out and do even more.

Basura cat is afraid of what will happened before then,
Will there be more fighting between family and friends?
I assured her that we would all be okay,
Hopefully he’ll be gone is just 5 more days.

Today’s Musing: “dot, dot, dash, dot dot” ~message from Basura, owner of me #girlwithguitar

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  1. Bob

    …and I love that photo!

  2. Bob

    All I remember from Boy Scouts is … – – – …

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