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Basura Wants A Phone 5/22/2020

My Cat Wants A Phone Of Her Own ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 5/22/2020

Basura Cat came to asking for a loan
Saying she wants to buy her own phone
She wants to play games, text and tweet
She thinks having a phone would be really neat

She said that she would call all of her friends
Like Ken, Cara, Ryley, Maggie, Karl and Gwyn
She’d reach out to Marty for good advice
And call her friend Marcia, who is really nice

She wants to talk to her cousin, Tracy in Little Rock
I can only imagine about the things they would talk
She wants to know how Darrell is doing with his guitar
And invite everyone else out to dance at a bar

Then she rattled even more names to me
Like, Carmen, Rudy, Vivian, David, Chris and Aunt Bea
I said, “Aunt Bea is on the Mayberry TV show!”
My cat said, she’s still someone she’d like to know

“Since we’re not seeing anybody, I miss their voice
Have them over, or buy me a phone, it’s really your choice”
I asked her is she could maybe wait a week
And maybe in person, with them she could she speak

Basura said she’s not ready to see anyone yet
She doesn’t want to get the virus and go the Vet
My cat wants to know if her friends are doing fine
Oh that silly, phone calling, cat of mine.

Today’s Musing: “Now I get to play the “Where’s My Phone” game with you!” ~ Quote by Basura, owner of me #girlwithguitar


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  1. bob

    Okay, but remember when she wanted a computer only because she heard it came with its own mouse…

  2. Connie L. Calvo

    Cars misses her too! Get Basura a phone! LoL, please??

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