I know who you are, I know what you do, this Ben Franklin is just for you.

I was setting up to host a Kid's Open Mic when a guy walked up and said, "I know who you are and I know what you do..." I quickly scanned my brain trying to find a reference, when he said. "It's about what you do for kids and music,…

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“A Letter From Your Guitar” Inspired by a frustrated student by Katrina Curtiss

I am a piece of wood, carved by man into a shape that rests upon your lap, close to your heart. At first, I was part of a tree, rooted in place, passed by, by man rarely noticed. Then one day, I was chopped, laying useless upon the ground. I thought this was…

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My First Live Performance

In Junior High School, somehow I found myself in choir. I would have preferred practicing basketball, but alas gym class didn’t last forever. I mentioned to my music teacher, Mrs. Wilkins that I played the guitar, not  good, but a little. She asked me to bring my guitar to school, I did…

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The Lounge Circuit

I remember when I first starting performing live, so many moons ago that I’ve lost count. It was fun and exciting. My mother impressed upon me the words of comedian Jerry Lewis, “Always dress a step above the audience.” At first it was dresses and heels for the lounge circuit,…

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Student Question: Sing or Play?  

One of my guitar students asked me, if I had to choose between playing the guitar or singing, which one? His question took me by surprise, I’d never considered doing one or the other. Singing for me, has been easy for the most part, there’s the note, hit it and…

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Every Friday at 10am

He’s 84 and has been taking Ukulele lessons from me for over a year. He first came in because he was taking ukulele lessons at a Community Center and wanted help with his strumming. His hands shake, I wondered, what to do? We did the basic quarter note strum, Down…

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First Thursdays

It's Thursday, November 7th 2019 ~ a day filled with morning music lessons, practice, cat cuddling and preparation for tonight's Open Mic at Las Chiladas Mexican Restaurant. Seems lately that I am hosting more open mic than live solo performances, which sometimes concerns me. Hosting is fun, inviting other performers…

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Musical Musings: The Beginning

When I was 15, I was given my first guitar; originally, I wanted to play the drums, but my mom said it was a boy’s instrument. We didn’t have much money, monthly my mom would blindly reach into the “Bill Drawer” and pull out one and say, “This is what we…

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About Katrina

Katrina is a Singer, Songwriter, Music Sharer, Life Observer, and Seeker of Light and Truth. When not performing, Katrina teaches music. She's presently offering private guitar, ukulele, and voice lessons in San Antonio, Texas.

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